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What are Service Standards?

SEPTA uses their service standards as a guide to develop, monitor, and adjust transit service to ensure consistency with the agency's goals. They include the process through which the Service Planning Department evaluates and implements service changes.

What types of things are in the Service Standards?

The Service Standards document is broken up into four main components.

Quality of Service Standards establish metrics and parameters for service delivery and include SEPTA's standards for coverage and access, span of service, frequency, on-time performance, and vehicle loading.

Route Classification and Evaluation includes a route classification system and a series of charts that compare the different groups of services and determines which routes are underperforming.

Route and Network Design Standards recommend best-practice policies in route and network design including topics such as duplication, directness, patterns, symmetry, and bus stops.

Service Development Process outlines how SEPTA' Service Planning Department evaluates and implements service changes, including information about data inputs critical to the department, stakeholder and public outreach, and the methods of analysis use to make service-related decisions.

3. What are the benefits of having Service Standards

Service Standards have been in place for over twenty years and have helped the agency stay accountable to customers and taxpayers. Service Standards justify expenditures that will benefit customers and provide the agency the ability to decline costly or unreasonable service requests. Service Standards also set expectations for how SEPTA coordinates with stakeholders and communicates with the public, ensuring a transparent and equitable process.

4. How can I learn more?

You can access the draft Service Standards document and the Route Performance Evaluation Memo on this site. You can also read more about the various components of the Service Standards. Most importantly, you can come to the Service Planning Open House on March 19th at noon or 5 PM to speak directly to staff in the SEPTA Service Planning Department and ask questions about the new standards.